Energy Check

Energy Check has sound knowledge to Section J energy efficiency requirements for Class 2 to Class 9 developments that was introduced in May 2006 under the Building Code of Australia 2006.

Checkpoint Building Surveyors provide a consultative approach to all developments. This includes the use of energy efficient assessment reports delivered by our in-house division.

Gavin Casey has over 20 years’ experience in building surveying and was the main author of the requirement for Australia Building Code Board (ABCB). Gavin leads the Energy Check team in providing qualified consultancy in assessing designs and developments with regard to Section J of the Building Code of Australia.

Energy Check will ensure that the assessment will be carried out under each Part of Section J ENERGY EFFICIENCY of the Building Code of Australia.

Building Designs will need to demonstrate compliance with the following:
Part J1 – Building Fabric

Part J2 – External Glazing

Part J3 – Building Sealing

Part J4 – Air Movement

Part J5 – Air-Conditioning & Ventilation System

Part J6 – Artificial Lighting & Power
Part J7 – Hot Water Supply

Part J8 – Access for Maintenance

Part 12 – Energy Efficiency Installations